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    Lawn Treatments in Bromley

    New Leaf Lawns is a brand new family-run company in partnership with the well-known and loved New Leaf Gardens, and we specialise in all types of lawn treatments in Bromley. With a vast knowledge of everything to do with your lawn and garden, we have specific treatment packages to see you through the year. We can also offer easy manageable monthly payments, so spreading the cost couldn’t be easier. We can also provide a variety of one-off treatment options to freshen up your lawn.

    You might be wondering why do I need a lawn treatment for my garden? Weeds, bugs, disease, foot traffic, and grass’s biological need for nutrients and water make it hard to grow green, healthy lawns without consistent lawn treatments. This is why speaking to the professionals here at New Leaf Lawns on how we can help is essential. We can offer our support on the best plan moving forward with your lawn treatments in Bromley. This will depend on the type of garden you have, how much light is getting to your lawn and various other factors that might affect the growth of your lawn.

    Weed Control in Westerham
    Weed Control in Westerham

    What lawn treatments in Bromley do New Leaf Lawns provide?

    We have a variety of lawn treatments in Bromley to help with your garden. These treatments can be purchased through our monthly packages or as individual one-off services. These include:

    Managing Your Lawn

    Here at New Leaf Lawns, we want to do everything we can to help your lawn and strengthen grass roots and blades to ensure that your lawn stays healthy and damage-free all year round. The benefit of hiring us to provide lawn treatments in Bromley ensures that all the correct and necessary products are applied with precision, in the right amounts, and at the correct times of year to get the best results. Having regular lawn treatments in your garden can make all the difference and also enhance the look and colour of your lawn, creating a beautiful look for your garden.

    For more information and to view our treatment packages, including our weed control methods, please get in touch with us today to find out more.