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Lawn Care

Understanding How We Care For Your Lawn

Weed and Feed

Spring is a very crucial time of the year when weeds are at their most active after a sometimes harsh winter, that’s why our fertiliser includes a selective herbicide to take care of most broadleaf weeds, such as clover, dandelion and plantain.

Our early Spring fertiliser is tailored to keep your lawn strong and healthy as the soil temperature rises. It is designed to be slow release to provide around 10 weeks worth of food.

Due to the lack of water and the warmer weather conditions, the treatment in Summer is also a slow release fertiliser and will remain on the surface until a rainfall or a thorough watering. It provides approximately 10 weeks of food to keep your lawn looking green and healthy.

As the weather cools throughout Autumn and Winter, the grass slows down and requires less food. This treatment includes a higher content of iron that works with these conditions. This will discourage worms from creating muddy and unsightly casts on the surface, it will help reduce the growth of moss and also help to strengthen the roots and enhances the grass colour.


Surface thatch can be mostly removed from your lawn via a scarification process. Thatch naturally forms on lawns, however, when it becomes too thick it prevents essential nutrients, water and fertiliser from penetrating down to the roots.


Aeration is an essential and effective method of treatment that reduces sub-surface thatch and compaction of soil, which often causes moss. It enables water, nutrients and air to reach further down, and encourages root development, this offering a much healthier lawn.

Water Saver

Our water saver treatment is specially designed to work alongside your own watering routine, ensuring your lawn absorbs all the water it receives, which therefore not only keeps it beautifully hydrated during the summer months but also requires up to 80% less watering.

Stress Less

Grass can sometimes quietly suffer with stress, with reasons ranging from mowing too close, mowing with blunt blades, weather conditions or simple foot traffic. The specially formulated plant-based bio-stimulan, containing seaweed, plant sugars and simple carbohydrates, helps to relieve this stress, restore the turfs strength and encourage healthy roots and shoots.