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    Weed Control in Bromley

    Weed control in Bromley is an important part of lawn care, as weeds can quickly take over a lawn if left to grow. Weed control involves the use of a variety of different methods to reduce and eliminate weed growth across the lawn in your garden. Here at New Leaf Lawns, we want your lawn looking as good as it can and we can achieve this using a variety of different weed control methods.

    There are two steps to weed control in Bromley that New Leaf Lawns will work on. The first is to prevent and stop the weeds from ever getting the chance to grow in the lawn, and then the second is to remove any weeds that have already started growing. As well as weeds, there are many insects and pests that can affect your lawn, including different beetles and bugs. This can also affect the health and growth of your lawn.

    Weed Control in Westerham
    Weed Control in Westerham

    Types of Weeds and Pests

    There are many common weeds and also lawn pests that can affect the growth of your lawn. These include:

    What is the most effective method of weed control in Bromley?

    There are various methods that we can use to help remove the weeds growing in your garden, but the most effective treatment for weed control in Bromley is performing a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide applications throughout the year. This is a simple but very effective method. The use of pre-emergent herbicides target weed seeds and kill them before they have a chance to fully grow into plants. We would also use post-emergent herbicides. This kills lawn weeds that have already developed and makes it harder for them to grow back. Topping this treatment method up throughout the year is an excellent way to ensure that it is effective and does the job even throughout the winter months when you are not in your garden. This is the best method to get the best health and structure of your lawn.

    Weeds are a problem that affect many people’s garden lawns, but it is something that can be easily fixed with weed control in Bromley. Here at New Leaf Lawns, we specialise in a variety of weed control and overseeding methods, bringing your lawn back to life. Contact us today to speak to a member of our team and find out more information.