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    Weed Control in Westerham

    Weeds are plants that grow everywhere in the garden, but with the New Leaf Lawns weed control in Westerham, we can help take care of this problem and help bring your lawn back to life. We use a variety of different methods to help to reduce and eliminate weed growth in your garden. We want your garden lawn to look as good as it can be and want to avoid weeds taking over. Here at New Leaf Lawns, we will work with you and what your garden needs with our variety of different weed control methods.

    We need to focus on two stages to achieve the best weed control in Westerham. The first is to prevent and stop the weeds from ever getting the chance to grow in the lawn, and the second is to remove any weeds that have already started growing before they spread and get worse. A lot of pests and insects can also affect your lawn, like beetles and bugs, which affect the health and growth of your grass. New Leaf Lawns have a solution to all your lawn problems, so get in touch today.

    Weed Control in Westerham
    Weed Control in Westerham

    Types of Weeds and Pests

    There are many common weeds and also lawn pests that can affect the growth of your lawn. These include: 

    What is the most effective method of weed control in Westerham?

    In order to stop weeds growing and starting to grow, here at New Leaf Lawns, we use a lot of methods to help with weed control in Westerham. One of the most effective methods is when we perform a combination of pre-emergent and post-emergent herbicide applications throughout the year. This is a simple method that works well. The use of pre-emergent herbicides targets the weed seeds that are underground or starting to grow, and it kills them before they get the chance to bloom fully. After this, we would also use post-emergent herbicides, which kills lawn weeds that have already developed and makes it harder for them to grow back. Ensuring that this treatment method is applied throughout the year is an excellent way to ensure that it is effective and does the job even throughout the winter months when you are less active in your garden. This is one of the most effective methods of weed control in Westerham to get the best result for your lawn. 

    Lawn weeds are something that affects every garden and is something that will naturally occur, but it is something that we can help prevent and fix with weed control in Westerham. New Leaf Lawns are a specialist company and family-run business providing a variety of weed treatment methods, including overseeding, to help bring your lawn back to life. Contact us today to learn more about what we can do for you.