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    Overseeding in Orpington

    Here at New Leaf Lawns, we are a newly established family-run business with years of experience in all types of lawn care and treatments, including overseeding in Orpington. Overseeding is a quick and easy process to help enhance the look of your lawn and fill in any patchy areas. It is the process of sowing new seeds into an existing lawn to help thicken your lawn and crowd out undesirable weeds. Overseeding in Orpington is one of the most important things you can do to help grow a healthy and lush-looking lawn naturally without using any chemicals or fertilisers. 

    The overseeding process involves planting the grass seed directly onto your existing turf. This method allows you to plant new grass seeds without tearing up the existing grass or damaging the soil. If you see any bare spots, this is an easy and effortless way to get rid of them, and it can also help to improve the density of your turf, establish improved grass varieties and enhance your lawn’s colour.

    Weed Control in Westerham
    Weed Control in Westerham

    Existing problems with your Lawn

    There are many reasons why you might want to go for the overseeding treatment method for your lawn. The main reason might be that your lawn isn’t looking the healthiest, but it is essential to establish why so this can be treated. If this problem is not treated, it would be a waste of time overseeding, as you will have the same problem with the new lawn. Below is a list of common problems that could be affecting your lawn but can be easily corrected before you start the overseeding process: 

    Benefits of overseeding in Orpington

    Overseeding in Orpington is the perfect way to bring your lawn back to life and create a healthy looking lawn for your garden. Overseeding both improves the grass thickness, colour and overall appearance, and it also keeps your grass healthy and strong. Overseeding can also help to repel disease, insects and weeds that could effect the growth of your lawn as well as it helps to reduce erosion and increases optimal root growth. Overseeding is the natural way to improve your grass without the use of any chemicals or pesticides.  

    Contact us here at New Leaf Lawns today and we can help with your overseeding in Orpington. This a perfect and easy way to transform your grass and get it looking thick and healthy again. Get in touch with us here at New Leaf Lawns today to learn more about our overseeding treatments.